Ares Amoeba Honey Badger AM-014 Airsoft Rifle (Tan)


Product Overview

ARES – Amoeba AM-014 ‘Honeybadger’ M4 Full Rail – is a Rifle Sized 6mm Airsoft Gun, based upon the M4 and personalised for its own unique appearance. The suppressor on this weapon is sunk into the reciever to provide it with a very distinctive style. The weapon is mostly externally built from Polymer, with an Alloy Modular Hand Guard, Outer Barrel and Mock Suppressor.

With flip up ironsights, a set of modular rails for the hand guard, a sliding stock and two thumb stops, this gun is ideal for those airsoft skirmishers who want a special looking weapon, that is lightweight and resilient. Famous for being seen in the popular Call Of Duty video game, this rifle is also constructed in real steel by Advanced Armament Corporation.


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Cutting edge technology with stunning design

The Ares AMOEBA range of AEG’s combines cutting edge technology with stunning aesthetic design and light-weight high-speed construction quality, giving the player a good looking AEG that they can carry around throughout the day with ease and great features like programmable burst fire and lightning fast trigger reaction.

Electronic Firing Control System (EFCS) 

This is a brand-new idea in Airsoft which is combining electronic parts into AEG’s. Basically it is a MOSFET developed into the gearbox in the factory.

ARES Airsoft supplies 3 brand-new advantages to any AEG users through EFCS, They are; Gearbox Protection System, Gear Sensor and Electronics Trigger System EFCS variation airsoft can alter fire mode to 4 different settings and have lipo battery security through the ARES Electronic Programmer.

Gearbox Protection System.

ARES understand that the reason for airsoft damage is frequently from gearbox jams, so ARES established the Gearbox Protection System. If the user presses the trigger 5 times, EFCS can cut off the power when the gearbox locked. This can provide a warning signal to the user. The user can re-activate the gearbox through reconnecting the battery.

Gear Sensor
ARES Gear Sensor can pick up when the gear completes its cycle and stops it at the very best position. This will make certain that the piston stays in the front position and this action has 3 advantages, it lowers the stress on the spring, increases the life time of the spring and saves battery power.

Electronic Trigger System
The Electronics Trigger System can enhance the trigger life time, The user can change the trigger stroke (It can be adapted to around a 2mm trigger stroke). The user will have a much faster activate reaction and for that reason greater semi auto shooting frequency.

Product Information

Amoeba Honey Badger AM-014 Rifle AEG
– EFCS Metal Gearbox with QC Spring
– Multi Position Sliding Stock
– Polymer Receiver Body With Realistic Markings
– 665-775mm Length
– 20.5cm x 4cm Mock Suppressor
– Barrel extended through the Suppressor
– Polymer Flip-up Front & Rear Sight
– CNC Metal Handguard Free Float Integrated Suppressor
– Polymer 300 rounds Hi-Cap PMG Magazine (With Non-Functional Magazine Level Window and Rubber Foldable Magazine Plate)
– High Torque Motor
– Muzzle Velocity: Approx 260 – 300 fps

Main Features:
Retractable Stock
Polymer Receiver Body With Realistic Marking
Polymer Flip-up Front & Rear Sight
CNC Handguard

High Torque Motor
Polymer Housing 300 rounds Hi-Cap PMG Magazine (With Non-Functional Magazine Level Window and Rubber Foldable Magazine Plate )
Adjustable HOP UP

EFCS Metal Gearbox

(Work with ARES Electronic Firing Control System Gearbox Programmer) -ARES-E-GP-P01
can select 4 different ways your AEG will fire:

* ARES Electronic Firing Control System Gearbox Programmer is not included with the AEG it is available separately

PLEASE NOTE: The use of an 11.1v or higher battery will void any warranty unless it is specified as our recommended battery for that particular AEG. Most quality airsoft guns do not come supplied with a battery or a charger.  On the rare occasion that they do have them included this is specifically mentioned in the product listing.   If they are included they are considered free gifts supplied by the manufacturer and cannot be returned if faulty. We recommend that when purchasing an airsoft gun you also purchase a new quality battery and charger for maximum reliability.