CenterPoint Sniper Elite 385 Crossbow Package



Product Overview

Centerpoint sniper elite 385 available now

The CenterPoint Sniper Elite 385 Crossbow Package design builds onto the original award-winning Sniper Elite 370 bow. The body features a slim 14.75-inch axle-to-axle width when cocked, delivering arrow downrange at 385 FPS with 132 FPE. Outfitted with two 20-inch carbon arrows and the innovative Whisper Silencing System string stops, limb dampeners and string silencers for the ultimate in noise reduction and vibration control. The Sniper 385 takes precision, mobility, and power to the next level for demanding crossbow hunters.


CenterPoint Sniper Elite 385 Crossbow Package



  • High performance 385 FPS firing velocity, 14.75-inch axle-to-axle at full draw
  • Fully adjustable stock and forearm for a customized fit to shoulder confidence
  • Quad limbs with precision-machined cam system deliver power and accuracy
  • Machined rail with shoot-through riser
  • Integrated string suppressors for a quiet, vibration-free shot
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum and composite design is easy to carry and maneuverable in the field


Product Information

IBO Speed Rating385 Feet Per Second
Length33.75 Inches
Weight7.9 Pound
Draw Weight185 Pound
Power Stroke14 Inches
Axle to Axle Width14.75 Inches
Kinetic Energy132 Foot Pounds
Cocking DeviceRope Cocker

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight
12.730 Pounds

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