Deluxe Royal Leather Back Quiver



Product Overview

In the world of back quivers, the Deluxe Royal is fit for a king (or queen). These back quivers are handcrafted, one at a time from fine vegetable tanned leather. The special antique finishing process brings out the depth and beauty of the leather. A full 24″ deep can easily hold 12-24 arrows, and features an arrow divider for separating arrows and quiver support.

Includes a fully adjustable 3-point cross-buckle strap that is lined with sheep shearling for comfort. A 3-point attachment eliminates keeps your back quiver in place so not to be chasing it around to put arrows back in.

Thick sheep shearling protects broadheads in the bottom and quiets arrow rattle around the top. The Deluxe Royal is for those who want only the best.

Available in right and left handed. Please specify. Arrows not included.


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