Gold Tip Hunter Carbon Arrow Shaft


Product Overview

The sport of bowhunting can often lead to challenging situations and conditions. Gold Tip’s Hunter family of arrows provide the versatility to meet the demands of every level and challenge you may encounter. Proving speed, stability and strength, thanks to Gold Tip’s 100% carbon technology, the Hunters have become the “go-to” hunting arrows for many thousands of bowhunters. Gold Tip Hunter Series arrows have set the standard in the industry for durable arrows capable of success on the tournament podium or in the field. Manufactured to exact tolerances for shot after shot repeatability, a Gold Tip is a solid choice for any archer. Pick some up and see why they are touted as “the toughest arrow you will ever shoot.”


Gold Tip Hunter Carbon Arrow Shaft


Proper spine selection is the key to optimum arrow flight. For more information on selecting the proper arrow spine please select link below for the arrow spine selection chart. You will need to know the total shaft length of your arrow, the point weight that you will be shooting, and the poundage of your bow.


Product Information

Overall Length32 Inches
Grains Per Inch8.9
Straightness0.006 Inches
Insert Weight12.1 Grains
Fletching TypeNone
Nock Weight11.5 Grains
InsertsAluminum Insert
Weight Tolerance2 Grains
Outside Diameter0.302 Inches

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight
0.560 Pounds

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