Gold Tip Pierce Platinum Arrow Shaft


Product Overview

The Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce Platinum Carbon Arrow is a micro diameter arrow that is built to hunt. The Kinetic Pierce Platinum provides a greatly reduced diameter that makes it resist wind drift for long range accuracy. The decreased makes it fly fast and flat, and provides plenty of energy when it impacts its target with the ballistic collar insert system.


Gold Tip Pierce Platinum Arrow Shaft



  • Surgical penetration
  • Micro diameter arrow
  • Built to hunt
  • Resists wind drift
  • Ballistic collar insert system

Product Information

Overall Length32 Inches
Nock TypeGTO Nock
Grains Per Inch7.6
Straightness0.006 Inches
InsertsAluminum Insert
Weight Tolerance2 Grains
Outside Diameter0.229 Inches

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight
0.535 Pounds

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