Rinehart Black Bear Large 3D Foam Archery Target


Product Overview

Rinehart Targets are made with a shooter’s needs in mind. Made of the highest quality, all-weather proof, solid self-healing foam, Rinehart Targets last the longest, look the best, and are made by shooters for shooters! Rinehart’s exclusive arrow-stopping solid self-healing foam and rugged “Uni-Body” assembly process combine to make virtually weather-proof 3D targets that are ideal for year-round use in the backyard or in the field. No target on the market today lasts longer, or is easier to remove arrows from than a Rinehart. Shooting practice has never felt so real with this life like big game target. Be prepared for that shot of a lifetime by practicing on the best 3D target on the market today. This 3-D target is designed to handle broadheads, field points, and expandables and will effectively stop arrows from a bow or bolts from a crossbow.


Rinehart Black Bear Large 3D Foam Archery Target


This black bear has a simulated weight of 250 pounds.


Note: For shipping purposes the target will have the Head and Leg Rods cut off. Some assembly may be required to complete this target as it ships unassembled.


  • Weatherproof foam
  • Authentic look
  • Easy arrow removal


Product Information

StyleGame Animal
Overall Length33 Inches
Overall Height29 Inches
Broadhead CompatibleYes
Shootable Sides2
Replaceable CenterYes

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight
67.814 Pounds

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