Spot-Hogg Tommy Hogg Bow Sight



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Spot-Hogg– Noun: An archer who devours the center of the target consistently, leaving no room in the spot for others! Spot Hogg Sights are known in the industry for their precision adjustments and rugged durability. If you demand the best out of your archery equipment, you should check out Spot Hogg.



Spot-Hogg Tommy Hogg Bow Sight

Reach out and touch something with the Tommy Hogg, one of the most reliable and well-built adjustable hunting sights on the market. The Tommy Hogg has a front controlled yardage adjustment knob allowing you quiver compatibility and the versatility of an adjustable sight. Available in either a single up pin or with a rack of pins head, there is a Tommy Hogg to fit any archer’s needs. Wrapped fiber optics ensure good pin visibility in any light condition. The Hardened Rail Design (HRD) of the Spot-Hogg adjustable sights ensures no slop, buzz or play in the adjustments making this series of sights the ideal choice for the field or for the range.


  • 1 & 5 Pin Sights have the small guard size (2″)
  • 3 & 7 Pin Sights have the large guard size (2-3/8″)


  • Rugged Hard Mount
  • Micro Adjustable 2nd and 3rd Axis
  • Coarse Horizontal and Vertical Adjustments
  • No Tool Micro Adjust Windage and Elevation
  • Micro Adjustable Pointer
  • HRD Technology
  • Large Yardage Knob
  • Precision Laser Engraved Sight Scale
  • Universal Scope Rod
  • Solid 6061 Aluminum Construction


Product Information

Number of Pins1
Pin Diameter.019″ Inches
Pin ColorGreen
Bubble LevelYes
Light IncludedNo
2nd Axis AdjustmentYes
3rd Axis AdjustmentYes
Detachable BracketNo
Country of OriginUnited States of America

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight
1.631 Pounds

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