Tight Spot 7-Arrow Bow Quiver Right Hand Polymer



Product Overview

The 7-arrow quiver is the lightest, most compact 7-arrow bow quiver ever developed. It is super lightweight coming in at exactly 10.0 oz and equally as compact as our 5-arrow version. By placing the 2 extra arrows between the structural carbon rods of the quiver you can add the extra arrows without compromising the sleek design of the Tight Spot quiver.


Tight Spot 7-Arrow Bow Quiver Right Hand Polymer



  • Fit tight and are so light you won’t even notice they’re on your bow
  • Quick Draw arrow system puts your arrow close at hand for a second shot
  • Super quiet performance; ideal for close-in shots
  • Act as stabilizers for more accurate shooting
  • Hold arrows tight, eliminating lost or dropped arrows


Product Information

Length19.75 Inches
Weight10 Ounce
Vertical AdjustmentYes
Hanger HookNo
Arrow Capacity7
Stem MaterialCarbon
Country of OriginUnited States of America

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight
1.916 Pounds

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