327 Federal 100 grain DEWC @ 900 fps.


This is a 50 round box.

Bullet Weight: 100 Grains.
Bullet Type: Rim Rock Bullets, Double Ended Wad Cutter.
Muzzle Velocity: 900 fps.
Muzzle Energy: 180 ft. lbs.

Ruger LCR, 1.87″ Barrel @ 900 fps.
Ruger Single Seven, 4.62″ Barrel @ 975 fps.

This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

327 federal magnum

Looking for a versatile, high-performance revolver cartridge? Consider the .327 Federal Magnum, a relatively new round that offers impressive power and accuracy in a compact package. Whether you’re a sports shooter, a hunter, or a self-defense enthusiast, the .327 Federal Magnum can meet your needs with its unique blend of features.

This is an old school self defense load that won’t make your hand hurt when shooting it from your light weight snub nosed revolver.

Our 100 grain, Hard Cast (BHN 12) DEWC will penetrate very deeply. We got around 27″ of penetration in ballistic gelatin through 4 layers of denim. We have shot some great groups with this round at 25 yards, both from our LCR and our Single Seven.

.327 federal magnum

The .327 Federal Magnum was introduced in 2007 by Federal Premium Ammunition, in collaboration with Ruger, to fill a gap in the market for a small-caliber, high-pressure revolver cartridge. It’s based on a .32-caliber bullet (usually around 85 grains) loaded in a .327-inch case, with a maximum pressure of 45,000 psi. Compared to other popular revolver cartridges such as the .38 Special or .357 Magnum, the .327 Federal Magnum offers higher velocity, flatter trajectory, more energy, and less recoil, making it suitable for longer-range shooting, small game hunting, and personal defense.

One of the main advantages of the .327 Federal is its versatility. It can be fired from small-frame revolvers that are easy to carry and conceal, such as the Ruger LCR, the Taurus 327, or the Smith & Wesson M632, as well as from larger revolvers that offer more capacity and accuracy, such as the Ruger SP101, the Freedom Arms Model 97, or the Henry Big Boy. You can choose from a variety of bullet types and weights, including FMJ, JHP, SWC, or SP, depending on your intended use and preference. You can also reload the brass casings to save money and customize your loads.

327 federal mag

Another advantage of the .327 Federal Magnum is its efficiency. Due to its compact size and high pressure, it delivers impressive ballistic performance with less powder and lead than some other cartridges, which translates into lower cost, less lead exposure, and less environmental impact. It also generates less noise and muzzle blast than some magnum cartridges, which can be beneficial for training or shooting in confined spaces.

If you’re interested in trying the .327 Federal Magnum, you can find a wide selection of ammunition and firearms online or at your local gun store. Just make sure to check the availability and legality of the cartridge in your area, as well as the suitability of your chosen firearm for your purpose and skill level. You may also want to consider taking a firearms safety and training course before shooting any gun. With proper care and handling, the .327 Federal Magnum can be a rewarding and effective cartridge for many shooters.

327 federal magnum


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