Easton Full Metal Jacket 6mm Carbon and Aluminum Arrow



Product Overview

The Easton FMJ shaft ia an aluminum jacket over a high-strength carbon core. The 6MM has a reduced diameter for more penetration and accuracy than a standard carbon arrow. FMJ arrows are field proven to provide bowhunters with higher velocity at impact and more pass-through shots thus increasing a bowhunter’s striking distance and giving heavier blood-trails and quicker, cleaner kills.  Field reports are compelling with hunters reporting higher and faster recovery rates.


Easton Full Metal Jacket 6mm Carbon and Aluminum Arrow 2" Blazer Vanes Black Pack of 6


Note: Arrow nock color and fletching color on arrows is selected at the factory. All arrows within a single pack will be the same fletching and nock color combination. Depending on production runs colors may vary.


Product Information

Overall Length31 Inches
Nock TypeH-Nock
Grains Per Inch9.7
Straightness0.003 Inches
Insert Weight18 Grains
Fletching Type2″ Vanes
Nock Weight9 Grains
InsertsRPS Insert
Outside Diameter0.281 Inches

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight
1.034 Pounds

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