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The GLOCK G48 is a great new offering from GLOCK, made to appeal to fans of the G19 who just want a little bit of a thinner gun to make it more easy to conceal. Featuring a nPVD coated slide with front serrations, fixed GLOCK factory sights, and the years of innovation and perfection you’d expect from GLOCK, this gun will not disappoint at the range or in your holster.

Glock 48

Designed for comfort, The Glock 48 combines a compact-size grip length, a built-in beaver tail and a minimal profile for a comfortably balanced, versatile grip thats ideal for a variety of users. The frame features elements of the Gen5 and Slimline series such the short trigger distance, a reversible magazine catch and the incredibly accurate, match-grade GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) and precision-milled front serrations. This model has a black nDLC finish.

Design and Features of Glock 48

The Glock 48 is a compact, semi-automatic handgun made by the Austrian company Glock Ges.m.b.H. It is chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge, and it is designed for personal defense and concealed carry. The Glock 48 is similar to the Glock 19, but it has a slightly longer slide and barrel, which makes it a bit more accurate and easier to shoot.

The Glock 48 has a polymer frame and a steel slide, which makes it lightweight and durable. The handgun has a barrel length of 4.17 inches and an overall length of 7.28 inches. With a width of 1.10 inches, it is a slim, easy to conceal firearm. It has a 10-round magazine capacity and features Glock‘s “Safe Action” trigger system, which incorporates three independent safety mechanisms to help prevent accidental discharges.

The Glock 48 also has a unique design feature which is the “slimline” design feature. This design aims to reduce the width of the gun to make it more comfortable to carry and conceal, which makes it a great option for those who prefer to carry their firearm discreetly.


The 48 Glock is known for its reliability and accuracy. The longer slide and barrel provide a better sight radius, which helps to improve accuracy. The handgun is also easy to control, thanks to its low recoil and well-balanced design. This makes it an ideal choice for personal defense and concealed carry.

The Glock 48 has been tested with a variety of ammunition types, and it has shown to be reliable with all of them. The 9mm Luger cartridge is a popular and versatile cartridge used in many different types of handguns. It’s a good balance of stopping power and controlability, which makes it an effective round for personal defense.


The Glock 48 is compatible with many of the same accessories as Glock’s other handguns. This includes holsters, night sights, and extended magazines. This allows users to customize their Glock 48 to their own personal preferences.


In comparison to other compact handguns on the market, the Glock 48 stands out for its reliability, accuracy and its slim design that makes it more comfortable to carry and conceal. Additionally, the Glock 48 has a lower magazine capacity than the Glock 19 which can make it a good choice for those looking for a more discreet option.

Conclusion The Glock 48 is a reliable and accurate handgun that is designed for personal defense and concealed carry. Its slim design makes it easy to conceal and comfortable to carry, and its accuracy and low recoil make it easy to control and shoot. The Glock 48 is also compatible with a wide range of accessories, which allows users to customize their firearm to their own personal preferences. Its reliability and performance, as well as its unique design feature, make it an attractive option for those looking for a compact handgun for personal defense and concealed carry.

Glock 48


More Information
WEIGHT25.12 oz.
GRIPBlack Polymer
SAFETYNo Manual Safety
FINISHBlack nDLC Finish


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